Eric (alas_a_llama) wrote,

Okay. So. I am having my periodic anxiety problems right now, which as - probably anyone who knows me will have noticed by now, come around for a month or two, then vanish for a month or two, then come back again for a month or two. I've been like this since about mid-March, so we're getting on for a month now.

The best way of dealing with this, in conjunction with medication and - preferably not in conjunction with alcohol abuse as was the case the last time I had these problems, during January and early February - is to distract myself. This is a thing I know - it doesn't really stop me from obsessing, but it does give me something to focus on for short periods of time.

With that in mind, people! If there are any TV shows you think I ought to be marathoning, by all means tell me of them. They do not necessarily need to be light and fluffy.

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