Eric (alas_a_llama) wrote,

Irish Cream Liquor and Profiterole Cheesecake Attempt 1.

This attempt turned out well! It kept its shape, there was mostly clear layers, the taste was good.

What I would change:

The cheese was very overpowering, almost sickly in large amounts. I'd probably reduce the amount of irish cream liquor in it - I used 470ml in it, and about 600g of soft cheese. If I did it again, I'd probably use about the same amount of cheese, but only 350ml of irish cream liquor, and maybe include a dollop of thick cream to balance things out a little.

The biscuit layers kind of - fused together. I'm not sure when, I think the weight of the cheese may have pushed them together, because the upper biscuit layer was too soft. It wasn't bad, but I would try to avoid that next time, probably by using harder biscuits.

Needed more chocolate ganache. I didn't leave enough room for it or let the ganache cool enough beforehand, so it was a little too thin and I couldn't get much on without it pouring off the sides. Just make sure it's thickened up a bit more next time.

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