Eric (alas_a_llama) wrote,

We've rolled back around to one of my 'constant gnawing anxiety' phases.

Which, you know. Is a thing. The fact that I have medication on hand for it is testament to how this is a regular thing, and I don't think it was more than a few months ago that I made a post going 'ANYONE GOT TV SHOWS?!?!' because it was a thing then, too, so it'll pass.

I'll might set Murdered: Soul Suspect aside for a bit and play a game a little more - ouchy hyperviolence. Tomb Raider, maybe. UFC Undisputed. I've literally forgotten my entire library of games so I can't list a third, but there must be a third somewhere.

Suspicion is strong that this will pass, in the main, by Sunday, because on Sunday I should actually be able to get some sleep. Jesus.

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